Evenings tasting of French wines

Schedule tasting evenings

  • 26/11/2020 - Soirée dégustation découverte de l'appellation "Macon" ( 35,00 €/pers )
    dégustation de 3 vins blancs de Macon & de 3 vins rouges de macon
    le plat mijoté du chef pour 2 personnes + le dessert
    début 19h30, le cours repas
Wines tasting in calais

Taste our wines around a good meal

The restaurant organizes wine tasting evenings during the year, where you will participate in a real oenology class. The organization is in the form of table d'hôtes, much more friendly, whether you are alone, in a relationship or with friends.

They begin at 19:30 with a little introduction to the tasting, the gesture to keep, the use of the technical sheets provided. Eric, the sommelier, then delivers the course and presentation of the theme of the day (wine regions, vintages, grape varieties, winemaking ...). Then comes the tasting of 3 wines with organoleptic analysis. Then comes the meal with a dish served in a cast iron casserole for two people (simmered dish of French gastronomy, traditional cuisine), during which 4 wines will be tasted, the aim being to show you how the wine behaves when tasted both ways when eating or not. The evening closes with a gourmet coffee (or dessert and coffee).

Reservations will be taken into account with a deposit of deposit (10 euros per person). Without pre-registration the pre-registrations will be on the waiting list, the first ones who confirm their reservation ten days before the course pass in priority (we have too many people who register and who cancel at the last moment).